Troy & Taylor Hooper

Dear West Valley Medical Center,

When my daughter Taylor suffered a nasty cut above her eye at preschool, I would have given the world to help calm her anxieties, as well as my own. Lucky for me, the caring, efficient Emergency Department specialists at West Valley Medical Center offered the support we both needed.

We spent just a short time in the waiting room that day, which helped a lot because Taylor was understandably upset. Once the staff was ready to see us, they treated Taylor’s cut quickly and efficiently. But perhaps most importantly, they put her mind at ease, presenting her with a colorful blanket that now rarely leaves her side. In fact, your emergency team made Taylor more relaxed than I was!

Troy & Taylor HooperOn a day when my daughter and I needed all the comfort we could get, your hospital was more than able and willing to provide it. It was quite clear the staff had our best interests at heart – a sentiment that meant a great deal to us.

We hope we’re never in that situation again, but if we are, it”s reassuring to know the West Valley Medical Center staff is ready and poised to provide excellent care.

Many thanks,

Troy and Taylor Hooper