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Julie’s Story

Julie suffered from chronic back pain which was severely impacting her normal activities. Dr. Manos performed back surgery and she is now able to participate in sports with her son again.

Maurina’s Story

Maurina chose to deliver her premature baby at West Valley Medical Center. The doctors and nurses at the hospital were compassionate and caring.

Cheryl’s Story

Cheryl came to West Valley Medical Center experiencing chest pain. Dr Barnes and the medical team treated her for what first appeared to be symptoms of a heart attack.

Lonnie’s Story

Dr. Richard Manos, Spine Surgeon, performed spine surgery on Lonnie, who was suffering from severe back pain. The surgery was successful and Lonnie is at the top of his game again!

Colleen’s Story

Colleen was experiencing severe knee pain for several years. She connected with Dr. George Nicola, Orthopedic Surgeon, for knee surgery. Colleen went from using a wheelchair to walking and enjoying life again.

Mike’s Story

Mike suffered from chronic knee pain. He had difficulty doing his favorite things like hiking, fishing and hunting. West Valley Medical Center got Mike back on track just three weeks after surgery.

John’s Story

John was referred by his physician to the West Valley Emergency Department. Dr. Agee performed surgery to remove John’s colon cancer.

Monty’s Story

A CT scan revealed Monty had kidney cancer. Physicians at West Valley Medical Center were able to perform surgery, remove the cancer, and save Monty's life.

Mitch’s Story

Mitch was diagnosed with testicular cancer following an ultrasound. Surgery was performed by Dr. Wozniak, Urologist, at West Valley Medical Center to remove the tumor.

When patients leave West Valley Medical Center, we want them to have had the best experience possible. We also want to ensure they have plenty of great reasons to feel comfortable recommending the care at our facility to their friends and family in the community.

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