Dear West Valley Medical Center,

Jan Batt“Cancer” is a frightening word. So it’s easy to see why I was concerned after being told I had an embedded malignant tumor. I am proactive about my health care, so I researched my conditions and obtained second opinions before surgery. What I found was a wealth of talent at West Valley Medical Center.

Dr. Donald Stritzke chose to remove one of my kidneys instead of taking out just the tumor, because he wanted to reduce the risk for the disease to spread. Now I’ve recovered and am feeling great!

This wasn’t the first time I’d been impressed by the exceptional level of care at West Valley Medical Center. Two years earlier a section of my colon had been removed by Dr. Jon Agee because of chronic diverticulitis. He chose not to do this surgery laparoscopically so he could more clearly assess my condition. I appreciated this conservative decision in lieu of newer methods that may not have been in my best interest.

What I remember most about my visits is how all personnel went about their work cheerfully for the benefit of a common goal–making my care the No. 1 priority. I was treated compassionately and rewarded with encouragement at each stage of my recovery. Any fears were eased by attentiveness to my needs and knowledgeable explanations of what procedures were being performed and why.

For these reasons, I will strongly recommend West Valley Medical Center to anyone in the local community.
Thank you very much,

Jan Batt