For more information about nurse navigator services at West Valley Medical Center, call (208) 455-3842.

Let us help you navigate your way through treatment

When patients and their families hear the word “cancer,” often they are overwhelmed by the emotions and decisions surrounding the diagnosis. West Valley Medical Center strives to allay those fears and make the whole process easier.

From the first abnormal finding, the nurse navigator connects with the patient to guide and educate through the challenges of diagnosis and treatment. She provides support, information and services - along with answers to the many questions that often arise.

The Navigator provides assistance in obtaining the test results for the patient. She also explains each step in the treatment plan, the procedures and studies that may be necessary, and what to expect during hospitalization and recovery at home.

More specifically, the nurse navigator can help patients understand:

  • Their diagnosis
  • Each step in their treatment plan
  • The procedures and studies that may be necessary during their care and treatment
  • What to expect during their hospitalization and recovery at home