West Valley Medical Center is proud to support the team at West Idaho Anesthesia as it launches a unique educational experience for local students. Shad Westover, with West Idaho Anesthesia, organized an anesthesia simulation and invited high school and college students from the area to participate in real life scenarios, demonstrating all types of anesthesia, including general and regional. 

"We are thrilled to give local students this hands-on opportunity with realistic scenarios in order to help them utilize important patient safety and crisis management principles they would face in a realistic experience," said Shad Westover, CRNA (nurse anesthesiologist), West Idaho Anesthesia Simulation Team Program Director. 

The program is designed to surpass the job shadow experience. Each session is limited to only five to seven students who will follow a nurse anesthesiologist and a simulated patient throughout the perioperative process. It also includes a debriefing period when the students can ask questions regarding anesthesiology as a profession and will be given information for future assistance along their career path.

"It is more important than ever right now to make sure we are keeping students interested in the healthcare field. This was a great opportunity for local students to see firsthand what it is like to work as a nurse anesthetist. So far we've held one simulation and every student expressed an increased desire to go into healthcare after the experience," said Westover. 

Westover says the team plans to hold a simulation every three months in order to help aid students in their career choice and advance the profession of nursing and nurse anesthesia. The next one is planned for Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2021. Students who want to participate can reach out to Shad Westover.