Supporting Our Community

We believe in community. That’s why we support Caldwell and surrounding communities through civic participation, volunteerism, and sponsorship of events and organizations that improve the quality of life for our patients and employees.

West Valley Medical Center supports the Employee Advisory Group (EAG), which aids a variety of community causes through their efforts. EAG is a group of employees who review requests for smaller-scale (less than $1,000) donations to help meet needs in our community.

It is the policy of WVMC to contribute to activities, organizations and causes that advance both a public purpose of the communities we serve and a corporate purpose of WVMC. EAG’s requirements to facilitate submission of your request for funds, supplies or services are as follows:

  1. The requesting organization or individual must reside within a 60-mile radius of WVMC.
  2. Preference will be given to requests supporting:
    • Health/wellness, safety and humane services
    • Education
    • Community/civic organizations
    • Economic development
    • Arts, culture, and humanities
  3. Preference will be given to requests supporting the activities of groups. WVMC will not contribute to:
    • Individuals
    • Political campaigns/parties
    • Groups that discriminate based on age, race, religion, sex, or national origin
    • Activities that do not advance our public or corporate purpose
  4. The request must promote, support, and provide recognition to WVMC. Groups receiving donations will be asked to provide collateral such as photos, copies of event material, etc. within 30 days of the donation or event.
  5. Only one request per year will be honored per organization, association and/or team. All team requests should include a roster of members.

The Donation Request Form must be submitted prior to consideration of the request. Tax ID number of the requesting individual MUST be included for processing of the request online. Non-profit organizations are to submit Tax ID number.

The Employee Advisory Group meets regularly to evaluate requests. Requests received by the 15th of the month will be considered the same month. Requests received after the 15th of the month will be deferred until the following month. Applicants will be notified of approval or denial via mail.

Submit Sponsorship Request

If you wish to submit a sponsorship request, click here for a donation request form.