HCA Healthcare Mountain Division annual report

HCA Healthcare serves as the leading provider of healthcare in our country, and as such, we fully commit to caring for patients with purpose and integrity. This report showcases our dedication to healthcare through our continued delivery of high-quality, patient-centered care. Inside, we exhibit recent facility improvements and the tools we utilize to track our efforts. Plus, we highlight significant successes and life-improving patient outcomes through stories shared directly from our patients. These measures and personal experiences tell the story of our meaningful work. Thank you for your interest!

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Our focus is first and foremost on our patients

Providing excellent care to our patients is what drives all of us to do what we do. Our team is constantly looking for great patient stories to share, and - thanks to you - we hear hundreds of them from across the Mountain Division. We look to share these stories as often as we can because our patients and their care givers are at the heart of everything we do. Our mission to care for and improve human lives shines through each inspiring experience.

Trust your doctor like your mechanic

After five different knee surgeries, Kenney Tower thought he knew what to expect. But when Dr. George Nicola, from West Valley Medical Center, performed a different procedure, Kenney was amazed. The procedure, called knee-resurfacing, allowed for faster recovery, and he was up and moving almost immediately.

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Entertained and distracted by technology

Concerned about opioid use during recovery from surgery, Brad Young consulted his doctor about alternative pain management methods. He was introduced to a new technology that features a tablet computer and a headband that reads brainwaves. It distracts the patient from pain with games, videos and more. It monitors what works best and provides additional related content. Brad was more than pleased with his experience and highly recommends WVMC.

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West Valley Medical Center Statistics

As a global healthcare provider, HCA Healthcare's scale enables us to deliver everything from first-class clinical research to individualized patient health solutions. We closely monitor our impact by using tracked measures and then utilize this information to identify areas of improvement. By maintaining a vigilant focus on quality, we continue to serve as a leading provider of healthcare in the country.

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