West Valley Medical Center is a leader in the field of robotic guidance and navigation with the use of its revolutionary robotic navigation platform for spine procedures. The hospital is the only one in the valley to offer the platform technology, designed to improve safety and accuracy within the operating room.

The hospital held a naming competition for the new robot and a Caldwell elementary class as well as a Middleton High School student chose the winning name for the robot. Ms. Abigail Swallows' fifth grade class from Sacajawea Elementary in Caldwell, Idaho and Chrissy Lochhead, a junior at Middleton High School were recognized for the winning name of “Spinosaurus”. The students as well as community members were also invited to test drive the robot today, a first of its kind for this community.

“It’s important for students to be exposed to the latest surgical technology. This gives us a chance to show our profession to them firsthand and talk about ways robotics technology is improving efficiency for patients and staff, while enhancing safety,” said Dr. Dan Bradley, West Valley Medical Center.

This revolutionary robotic navigation platform is the world’s first technology to combine a rigid robotic arm and full navigation capabilities into one adaptable platform for accurate trajectory alignment in spine surgery. It provides improved visualization of patient anatomy throughout the procedure to help optimize patient treatment. The system is designed to streamline the surgical workflow and reduce radiation exposure to surgeons and staff.

“At West Valley, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care for our patients and staff and look forward to the exciting opportunities this will bring to the field of spine surgery, robotics and navigation,” said Jason Demke, chief operating officer, West Valley Medical Center.

“This technology coupled with West Valley’s unique and innovative pre-surgical Spine Ethos classes, sets our patients up for success post-surgery,” said Jane Waser, director of business development, West Valley Medical Center.

The West Valley Spine Ethos program is a one stop VIP Experience that incorporates surgical clearance, joint class, registration and an introduction to rehab services into a two hour block, ensuring patients are education, informed and ready for surgery. Learn more about the surgical services, including our enhanced surgical recovery program, at West Valley.

Students from across the area, as well as community members, will be stopping by during the open house on Friday, April 21 from 11am-3pm to check out the new robot on display for the day in West Valley's Indian Creek Room.