West Valley Medical Center is pleased to announce a long term, sustainable kitchen solution for Caldwell Meals on Wheels. Meals on Wheels Metro Boise with a base in Caldwell, Idaho will assume kitchen operations for residents who receive meals from Caldwell Meals on Wheels beginning January 2, 2024.

“West Valley has been a dedicated partner to Caldwell Meals and Wheels for more than two decades and we will continue to support and advocate for the program. Over the last few years the program has grown nearly exponentially and now serves 900 meals per week, all prepared, packaged, sorted and organized by the hospital kitchen staff. The program has grown to such an extent it has outpaced our staffing and physical plant capabilities and therefore we have been looking for an alternative for months,” said Travis Leach, chief executive officer, West Valley Medical Center.

“We wanted to find one that is a charitable non-profit and eligible to apply for funding sources, such as grants and fundraisers, that we were unable to apply for. The good news is that we found one just down the street,” said Leach.

The Meals on Wheels Metro Boise program has been serving Canyon County for five years and has a building in the Sky Ranch development. Program leaders have plans to build an industrial kitchen as well as a restaurant for the community at that site in the coming year. For the time being, the meals will come from the Meridian Senior Center where the meals they serve to outlying areas of Caldwell are currently prepared.

“We are thrilled to work with Caldwell Meals on Wheels and partner with West Valley Medical Center on this transition,” said Grant Jones, chief executive officer, Meals on Wheels Metro Boise. “We have seen tremendous growth in our communities and we can seek donations from area businesses and increase our kitchen capacity to meet the needs of our growing senior populations who need meal deliveries.”

“West Valley has been an amazing partner and I will miss the team. I am grateful for their years of dedication but I am eager to work with Meals on Wheels Metro Boise on ways we can add more meals to our delivery service,” said Julie Warwick, executive director, Caldwell Meals on Wheels. “The need only grows each year, so I believe this is a win for all and I appreciate this community partnership.”

Metro will make and deliver the meals to Caldwell, where Caldwell Meals on Wheels will then deliver the meals to residents who are part of the program. Hot meals are provided during the week and frozen meals during the weekend. The menus will continue to be curated by a registered dietitian.

If you would like to support the mission of Caldwell Meals on Wheels you can donate online at the Caldwell Meals on Wheels website or mail a check to: Caldwell Meals on Wheels, 1009 Everett, Caldwell, Idaho 83605.

Meals on Wheels Metro Boise also offers rides for seniors to medical appointments and services such as home winterization programs. To learn more or to donate, visit the Meals on Wheels Metro Boise website.