Consult-A-Nurse for Expert Advice, Available 24 Hours a Day/ 7 Days a Week 208-455-3995

In the midst of uncertain times, West Valley Medical Center has launched a Consult-A-Nurse® program to give families an easy way to ask a nurse a question 24/7. The program is simple and free for the public to use. Consult-A-Nurse® is geared to help people make better informed decisions about their health and, in many cases, simply give them peace of mind, particularly as a new school year approaches.

"We recognize the importance of offering our community a safe place that is easily accessible to answer their questions. We are currently seeing many people hold off in seeking medical care in emergent situations. This is not only a way to give those calling peace of mind, but to also encourage those who should seek care to do so," said Betsy Hunsicker, West Valley Medical Center Chief Executive Officer.

Data from other markets serviced by HCA Healthcare – West Valley's parent company – that have instituted the service show that between 20-25 percent of calls end up needing emergency level care.

“We’re proud to offer this service to the community, especially at a time when so many have health-related questions. It will allow for either peace of mind or next step guidance, regardless of what the situation is," said Tracee Hendershott, West Valley Medical Center Chief Nursing Officer. "It gives the community and individuals another reliable, evidence-based resource to be able to get information and make decisions.”

Consult-A-Nurse® providers follow triage protocols to advise callers and provide information on a range of health topics, including children’s health, cardiac services, diabetes care, men’s and women’s health, neurology/stroke, orthopedics, sleep disorders, spine care, among many others.

Nurses are available by phone 24 hours a day at (208) 455-3995. More information can be found at our Consult-A-Nurse® page.