Outpatient Physical Therapy is offered at two locations:

222 E. Elm St., adjacent to West Valley Medical Center: (208) 459-2436

3720 S. Indiana Ave., in the Caldwell YMCA building: (208) 459-6041

Here at West Valley Medical Center, our Physical Therapists work to restore, maintain, and promote your physical function, overall wellness, fitness, and quality of life as it relates to movement. By helping patients regain a fuller measure of normal function than was previously possible, we help grandparents play with grandkids; students return to campus; and everyone in between experience a higher quality of life. We offer the most comprehensive resources available to adults and children in Canyon County. Each of our staff has a wide variety of training and experience, and is passionate about using a team approach to address your unique concerns.

During physical therapy, our goal is to identify the underlying reasons for your pain or movement dysfunction. Our therapies then address those issues, with goals to prevent injury, diminish further progression of your problem, and help you get back to a healthy lifestyle.

Our physical therapy services for adult include multi-disciplinary therapy treatments for neurologic and general orthopedic impairments. We also have two certified McKenzie practitioners on staff for specialized spine care.

We also provide pediatric physical therapy services, including testing and treatment for motor and functional disabilities addressing the spectrum of diagnoses from autism to developmental delay.