With the Surgical Weight-Loss Management program - featuring the Lap-Band® procedure - at West Valley Medical Center, our comprehensive approach to weight loss and related health goals helps patients research the facts; identify which option is right for each individual; and, if appropriate, locate a weight management expert or surgeon who is right for them.

Next Steps To Success

  • For private inquiries, contact our surgical weight-loss specialists by calling (208) 455-3842.
  • Register to attend a free support group from 6:00pm – 7:00pm on the second Wednesday of each month at West Valley, Indian Creek Room. Registration required; Call (208) 455-3842.
  • Meet individually with our support team to create a customized care plan.

Every person's lifestyle, contributing factors and weight-loss variables are different. Therefore, physicians recommend a multifaceted, personalized program. Multiple studies have consistently shown that people who take this approach lose more weight overall and keep it off.

Local Canyon County residents can achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle at West Valley Medical Center, where state-of-the-art medical expertise is provided by specially trained physicians, nutrition experts, exercise specialists, psychologists and support groups who guide, support and motivate participants to success.

Personalized Care Program

Our team focuses on identifying the best weight-management solution for every person who participates in the program, from proper nutrition and fitness to surgical weight-loss options including but not limited to Lap-Banding®. We offer individualized support both while you're considering weight-loss surgery, during surgery, and beyond, with post-surgical follow-up visits every three weeks through program completion.

Lap-Banding® is a surgical weight-loss procedure in which the "Lap-Band®" is placed around the top part of the stomach and tightened so its capacity is significantly reduced. This procedure can be reversed, and the band is adjustable to improve weight loss and minimize side effects.