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Amy's Story

Amy's Story
Posted on: 11/19/2020

Take me to West Valley Medical Center—the only hospital choice for me

When Amy VanManen read the note, penned in her child’s sweet and scratchy handwriting, she giggled with amusement. Young Sophie had spelled things out clearly to her father, “Let’s get mom into being pregnant!”

If only it were that easy.

Amy and Tony have been married 26 years. Their first three delightful children joined their family through Idaho’s Foster Adopt Program. The couple had tried multiple fertility treatments, yet their one biological child, Sophie, arrived unexpectedly and on her own time.

“I had thyroiditis, an infection of the thyroid. The endocrinologist warned us that when the thyroid goes crazy, you can get pregnant. I just laughed,” Amy said.

Pure joy and laughter flowed more robustly when, months later, the doctor confirmed her pregnancy.

That was seven years ago. This year, little Sophie diligently prayed for a biological sibling.

Sophie - lets get mom into being pegnet!

Amy found Sophie’s note in March 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit and stresses at home (and around the world) dramatically increased. To cope with the new pressures, Amy began taking an herbal extract known for calming anxiety and restlessness. What she didn’t realize is that the herb could interact with her daily thyroid medication.

That’s how, at 45 years old, Amy became pregnant again. This time, the unimaginable news came with many feelings.

“We are starting it all again. My oldest child is 23 and married, and my three oldest children will be in their 20s by the time this baby is born. But I know every baby has a purpose, and I went through some emotions and a bit of a process to realize this,” Amy said.

The great appeal: Desiring delivery at West Valley Medical Center

Somehow, during their insurance’s annual open enrollment, Tony and Amy selected a plan that didn’t list their primary care physician or West Valley Medical Center as in network. More than ever before, Amy desperately desired the comfort of her beloved physician and the opportunity to receive full-coverage and care at West Valley Medical Center.

“They’re an amazing hospital choice in our valley, and for me it’s the only hospital choice I wanted,” Amy said. “Anything I’ve ever done with my doctor and West Valley Medical Center has been wonderful. They get you seen quickly, they really listen to you, and you’re not just a number, you’re a person. I feel like they go above and beyond.”

Thankfully, the insurance company accepted the family’s formal appeal and granted a one-time switch of plans. At 24 weeks pregnant, Amy can look forward to a family-focused birthing experience at The Family Maternity Center, within West Valley Medical Center.

Pregnancy in a pandemic—choosing trust over fear

The Center of Disease Control states that pregnant women may have increased risks of COVID-19 and adverse outcomes related to the illness. No wonder Amy frequently receives questions about her concerns regarding the global pandemic.

“I try not to live my day-to-day life in fear,” Amy said. “I’m wise. I wear a mask, wash my hands and sanitize, but it’s not healthy for me or my pregnancy to live in fear. That’s the vibe I feel from West Valley Medical Center too – be precautious but it’s not something to live in fear over. So, I can honestly say, I’m not too concerned because I trust my medical care so much!”

Amy's Story
Posted on: 11/19/2020

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