Richard's Story

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"Dear West Valley,

"My wife was induced on July 15th by Dr. Bitters at WVMC. Over the coming 4 days, we both had such an amazing experience that I could not let it pass by. I think you need to know, and I would bet you already do know, how amazing your staff is on the family maternity ward and how amazing Dr. Bitters is at what she does. Our little Payton was born at 6:06pm on Monday night. She spent an uneventful night in the hospital on Monday and had a pretty good day on Tuesday. Discharge was going to be fairly late on Tuesday night so my wife decided to stay another night and come home in the morning on Wednesday. It is a good thing she did.

"On Tuesday night Payton decided to desat twice during the night spontaneously and without any known cause. Due to this occurring twice, Dr. Bitters decided to run some more tests the next morning to try to find out what was wrong. An echocardiogram showed that Payton has an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) of moderate size. Pediatric cardiology was consulted and it was determined that a wait and watch method could be employed. She stayed one more night and came home Thursday morning after it was determined that she would be OK to go home and follow up with cardiology later on.

"It is the experience during those few days we were there that impressed on our minds how great a place West Valley is. The staff on the family maternity ward were amazing, always catering to our needs and taking care of my wife in such a great way while I could not be there as I was taking care of our other children at home. From the charge nurses to the staff nurses to the aides to the nutritionist and the lactation consultant we had such a great experience and cannot express enough how thankful we are for everything that was done for us. Extra special kudos should go to those who were keen enough with their observation and assessment skills to catch the ASD that was ultimately found on echocardiogram. I will forever be grateful to all those who worked so hard to give us a good experience. They did their jobs well. The room we stayed in was perfect and beautiful. The hospital was clean and everyone treated us so kindly and with so much respect. I will always be thankful for this.

"West Valley and the staff we interacted with have exceeded any expectation of good service I might have had and has set the bar so high that I don’t think anyone could pass it again. I am very impressed with Dr. Bitters and all she does for those she cares for. She is truly an asset to the team. My wife mimics these same thoughts and has made mention several times how amazing she felt she was treated while at West Valley. So thanks. I am truly impressed. Thank you."

Richard McConkie, FNP-C