For Our Physicians

Technology Resources And Support

At West Valley Medical Center, we know reliability is important when it comes to the advanced technological needs of our physicians and medical staff. That is why we have fast, reliable wall-to-wall physician networking.

Should an IT problem arise or you would like more information on the following technologies, please call the 24/7 IT Help Desk at (208) 455-3727.

IT Overview

There are many IT resources available to our physicians. Below is a list of some of the technologies available


This is the home for patient care inquiry reports, which are the text summary of tests performed on patients. These can be retrieved while at the facility, remotely or at your office. This allows for quick access to reports, electronic signatures and quick turnaround times.

Cardiology and Radiology PACS

The Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) stores digital images from tests such as ultrasounds, X-rays, mammograms, echocardiography and cardiac nuclear studies. This gives a visual for patients after their test that then can be archived for historical benefit. It also provides for telemedicine consultative venues.

OB Link

This allows remotely-located clinical practitioners to access and view fetal/maternal information related to a specific patient selection.

Muse ECG

This single database/server consists of a patient’s ECGs from all MountainStar facilities. This provides for same-patient serial comparison and quick transfer of ECG waveforms between MountainStar-affiliated facilities using Muse.

Wireless Access

You can access your e-mail and other Internet applications, including clinical applications such as Meditech and PACS, from a laptop and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices.


This evidence-based, peer-reviewed resource finds the latest up-to-date information on illnesses.

Clinical Pharmacology

You can find the latest medication information online at the hospital via this tool. Drug interactions, product comparisons, generic equivalents, reactions, contraindication and indication, and more are available.

Single Sign On And TapNGo

These features make logging into applications at the hospital much easier.

That’s because with Single Sign On (SSO), you will log in once and be granted a 12-hour grace period for any additional log-ins on select computers within the facility. During that timeframe, just place your WVMC badge against the “TapNGo” proximity scanner, and it will log you in automatically.