The pathway to rapid return to activities following knee resurfacing and replacement is known as the Rapid Recovery program. Although traditional joint replacement has been widely accepted as an effective treatment for knee arthritis, active and motivated patients seek an alternative that is less invasive and less painful with a faster recovery. Exclusively offered at West Valley Medical Center our recent advances in joint replacement offer this alternative.

Specialized Surgical Techniques

Our orthopedic surgeons do not cut out large pieces of bone, rather, a computerized program is used to assist in taking off the smallest amount of bone possible before fitting the total knee arthroplasty components. A quad-sparing approach is used that is less invasive and provides quicker recovery following surgery. Specialized anesthetic blocks help you get moving quicker. Lastly a staple-free watertight wound closure allows for the cleanest and smallest incision possible.

Six Specialized Techniques of the Rapid Recovery Program:

  • One-on-One Patient Education
  • Pre-Habilitation
  • Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques
  • Specialized Wound Closure
  • Multi-Modal Pain Management
  • Continuous Passive Motion Machine

These techniques were designed to decrease post-operative pain and allow for quicker recovery!