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For those coping with debilitating back pain, the experienced spine and neurosurgeon specialists at West Valley Medical Center are here to help. Before long, you’ll be experiencing relief from extreme or nagging pain; moving more freely; and enjoying a productive, energetic lifestyle.

West Valley Medical Center dedicates a team of highly specialized surgeons and nurses who are experts in knowing, anticipating and delivering care to the individual having spine surgery. We believe both our comprehensive approach and program creates a culture of early mobility, family involvement, and group interaction. Using advanced medical care and innovative therapies while maintaining a personal experience you will find we are second to none.

Why choose West Valley for your care?

Our specialists consider surgery a last resort for treatment options. We focus on an all-encompassing treatment plan to include diet, exercise, physical therapy, and your well-being. Addressing your pain and improving your quality of life is the end goal and we will help you reach it. Studies have shown that education prior to surgery decreases the risk of post-operative injuries, creates a better state of mind for healing, and a shorter hospital stay.

  • Dedicated Suite with Spacious, Private Rooms: Our dedicated Ortho-Spine Unit has Tempur-Pedic beds for advanced recovery and optimum comfort. Our caring staff will focus on all your needs during your stay, to include physical therapy and consistent monitoring to ensure you are ready for the transition home.
  • Advanced Analgesic and Rapid-Recovery Surgical Techniques: Our surgeons are trained in the most advanced analgesic and minimally invasive surgical techniques that result in less pain and a quicker recovery for patients.
  • Dedicated Staff: All team members were chosen specifically because of their expertise, positive attitudes, and motivational skills.
  • Care Coordinator: A Care Coordinator oversees the patient’s entire stay, and is a resource before, during and after discharge.
  • Spine Academy: An in-depth education program begins at the time patients are booked for surgery. Each patient and a family member are required to attend a comprehensive four-hour course. In these classes, patients meet their team, learn about the procedure, understand what to expect in the hospital, and learn how to care for oneself after discharge.
  • Superior Outcomes: We evaluate each patient on multiple clinical, functional and patient satisfaction criteria. These outcomes are analyzed during monthly performance improvement team meetings and enable us to become masters of teamwork and performance.

Our program offers quality interaction between expertly trained caretakers and nurses while creating a personal patient experience. The family and friend involvement provides emotional support that guarantees superior care. The information and education provided equip patients with a sense of wellness and patient satisfaction.