An annual mammogram starting at 40 years old is the most effective way to detect breast cancer at an early, curable stage. Numerous studies have shown that early detection saves lives and increases treatment options. In fact, 95 percent of early-detected breast cancer is later cured. The earliest stages of breast cancer are detected only by mammography and not by breast self-exams.

To schedule a mammogram or another imaging service with our Women’s Imaging Center, please call (208) 455-3905.

2D and 3D mammography screenings

West Valley Women's Imaging offers patients the choice of 3D or 2D mammography. The 3D mammography screening allows doctors to see masses and distortions associated with cancers significantly more clearly than conventional 2D mammography. Instead of viewing all of the complexities of your breast tissue in a flat image, as with conventional 2D mammography, fine details are more visible and no longer hidden by the tissue above or below.

Thus, 3D mammography is more accurate—it detects 41 percent more invasive breast cancer and reduces false positives up to 40 percent.

“Going in for my annual mammogram has never been much fun, but this year I was happily surprised. The difference was the new Women's Imaging Center at West Valley Medical Center. It's an absolutely beautiful and relaxing atmosphere that makes you feel pampered. Add to that a caring, professional staff and it won't take you long to figure out where I'm headed next year!”

-Mona Rhodes

Free breast cancer screening program

The Power of Pink program is a free breast screening program. Caldwell Night Rodeo raises money for the program at its annual Power of Pink Night to provide mammogram screenings at West Valley Medical Center and Saint Alphonsus Medical Center to local women who are uninsured, underinsured or underserved.

Eligibility for a free mammogram

Funds are available for women between 40 and 65 years old to receive screening mammograms and for women of all ages with breast symptoms to receive diagnostic mammograms.

Women 40 to 65 years old are encouraged to seek free screenings if they:

  • Have no insurance.
  • Have insurance with a deductible of $2,000 or more.
  • Meet income criteria. To find out more, call (208) 455-3905.

To learn more, or to apply for aid, visit the Caldwell Night Rodeo website, call West Valley Medical Center at (208) 455-3905 or download the enrollment form below.

Access Enrollment Form

Make a donation or get involved

If you are interested in donating to the Power of Pink free breast cancer screening program, call (208) 459-2060 or send a check directly to: Power of Pink, c/o Caldwell Night Rodeo, P.O. Box 98, Caldwell, ID 83606.

Every August, a Power of Pink walk is held at the Canyon County Fairgrounds to promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds for the Power of Pink program.

As an extension of West Valley Medical Center’s diagnostic imaging department, we now offer digital mammography and other women’s imaging services at our new Women's Imaging Center.

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