West Valley Family Maternity Center

Going into labor can be an exciting time and our dedicated and caring staff looks forward to caring for you and your loved ones in preparation for the birth of your baby. Along with your physician’s instructions we hope this helps you prepare for your special day.

During Labor at Home

  • Have frequent short rest periods
  • A shower may be refreshing and relaxing
  • When lying down, lie on left or right side as much as possible
  • Keep you breathing slow and relaxed
  • Drink decaffeinated liquids
  • If you are hungry, eat light, easily digested food

When to Come to the Hospital

  • You have been instructed by your physician
  • Your bag of water around the baby breaks
  • Your contractions become regular and/or are getting longer, harder and closer together
  • You feel your baby is not moving as much as usual
  • You bleed more than a tablespoon of bright blood
  • You have other concerns about your pregnancy or condition

Check-In Process

We encourage expecting mothers to pre-register to make your check-in process as smooth and efficient as possible.

To pre-register, call (208) 455-6500 or register online

Please check-in at West Valley Medical Center's Emergency Department located at the corner of 10th and Logan in Caldwell. Visit the registration desk at our Emergency Department entrance. Our friendly and informative staff will assist you. Following, a nurse will bring you to your private room for evaluation.

What to Bring to the Hospital

At the West Valley Family Maternity Center we will have everything you really need for your labor and delivery. However, you may find some of the following items comforting and/or necessary for your optimum birthing experience.

Labor Bag should include:

  • Insurance Card & hospital info
  • Eyeglasses (try to avoid wearing contacts if you can)
  • Hair Ties or your preferred method to tie back your hair
  • Lip Balm
  • Items for Relaxation
    CD player & music, a book, a tennis ball to massage back pain during labor
  • Camera and/or video camera with charged batteries
  • Clothes for Labor
    the hospital provides a gown. You should consider bringing warm socks as some women get cold during labor. Slippers might also be useful for walking around the hospital in your early stages of delivery.
  • Focal Point
    Something you love, for example, a picture of your favorite place or a loved one; anything reassuring

Post-Partum Bag should include:

  • A comfortable outfit to go home in
  • Gowns are provided but feel free to bring your own nightgown, nursing bra and underwear.
  • Sanitary Pads
    the hospital does provide these, but you might be more comfortable with ones you have chosen
  • Toiletries
    mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo

    Baby’s Bag

  • Car Seat -
    you can’t get home without this!
  • Outfit to go home in
    don't forget about socks and a hat
  • Optional items
    blankets, diapers, pacifiers, and anything you wish to bring for your new bundle of joy

Do Not Pack

  • Jewelry
  • Large sums of cash/credit cards