Family birthing center in Caldwell, Idaho

Also called the maternity unit, the labor and delivery department offers all the medical support a mother needs during labor and postpartum, as well as providing care for their newborn. The Family Maternity Center at West Valley Medical Center is dedicated to providing you and your family focused attention and compassionate care during childbirth. From routine to high-risk pregnancies, our birthing center is equipped with everything you need for a healthy, optimal birthing experience.

Pre-register for your maternity stay online or by calling (208) 455-6500.

Personalize Your Delivery

Maternity center in Caldwell, Idaho

From all of us at West Valley, congratulations on your pregnancy! Our pregnancy specialists look forward to sharing this joyous occasion with you and your family. The birth of your child is a uniquely personal experience that brings great joy and creates a lifetime of memories. We’re dedicated to providing you and your family with focused attention and compassionate care as you go through the journey of delivering a healthy baby. Human life is precious, and we take great pride in being a part of your new beginning.

Why deliver at West Valley?

When you choose our hospital for your delivery, you aren’t just choosing a location: you are choosing a partner for your pregnancy journey. Our experienced obstetricians, maternity nurses and childbirth specialists can give you the peace of mind and personalized care you want during your pregnancy. Every baby we deliver is a miracle, and we would be honored to be part of your child’s birth. We will do everything we can to make your delivery everything you dreamed it would be.

We are proud to have been honored as a Best Maternity Care Hospital 2020 by Newsweek. At West Valley for your delivery we provide:

  • Highly skilled doctors and specialists
  • Unique childbirth amenities
  • Family-focused care
  • Strict safety protocols
  • Free prenatal classes
  • Education for new parents
  • Bronze level Safe Sleep Certification recipient

Maternity center amenities

Our hospital is proud to offer excellent medical care and unique amenities to support you during this exciting and physically challenging experience. It is our goal to keep mom and baby healthy, along with offering as much comfort as possible during labor. Some of our features include:

  • Private, comfortable rooms for labor, delivery and postpartum care
  • Family suites designed for comfort and bonding featuring king-size beds
  • Jacuzzi tubs in labor and delivery rooms to ease pain and encourage relaxation during labor
  • Anesthesia providers on staff offering several pain relief methods, including continuous epidurals
  • Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) staffed 24/7 with neonatal providers
  • 24-hour anesthesia and respiratory therapist coverage to handle any potential complications your baby may experience at birth
  • Registered nurses certified in advanced cardiac life support obstetrics and neonatal resuscitation program
  • Dedicated operating suite for cesarean section procedures

Our childbirth specialists

The family maternity center at West Valley is proud to have knowledgeable and highly trained staff prepared to take on every delivery scenario. We know this might be your first time having a baby, but we've got the experience you need to feel safe and secure during labor and delivery. Your health and the health of your baby are our top priorities.

Family-focused maternity care

While our primary focus is on the well-being of mother and baby, West Valley's family-centered approach respects the importance of the event to the entire family. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, so we make every effort to include family right from the start. Family-focused highlights include:

  • Expectant father, partner or support person parking to allow for easy access and guests are welcome to stay overnight
  • Celebration dinner prepared by our executive chef for you and a guest to enjoy in your private postpartum suite
  • Couplet care, which allows your baby to stay with you throughout your stay

Safety protocols

Advanced safety measures assist the family maternity center staff in monitoring your newborn baby 24 hours a day. Our maternity center is a secured unit, and each guest receives an identifying wristband. We also place identification bands on the baby, mother and the mother’s support person.

A small electronic device will also be placed on your baby’s ankle or wrist. It will remain in place until your baby is discharged from the hospital. The tag creates a secure area for your baby by locking elevators and stairwell doors when your baby is close to them.

Maternity classes

West Valley offers a comprehensive education program for expectant families. Before you go home with your new baby, we provide you with the essential information you need before labor and delivery, as well as prepare you for the adventure of parenthood.

Our birthing center also offers childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes and tours of the hospital’s maternity center. All classes are free if you have pre-registered to deliver your baby at West Valley. To register for a childbirth class please visit our classes and tours page.

For more information about our Covid-19 safety policies and how they relate to pregnancy, labor and delivery, please visit our Coronavirus Resource Hub

To schedule a childbirth tour or maternity class, please register online or call (208) 455-6565. Classes are free to those delivering at our medical center.

Childbirth center tour

Hands-on education for new parents

During your stay at the Family Maternity Center, we provide basic education on how to care for your baby and yourself. Our dedicated Family Maternity Center team will teach you:

  • How to use proper breastfeeding techniques
  • How to speed up a healthy recovery from childbirth
  • How to bathe, feed and dress your baby
  • How to take your baby's temperature, recognize signs of discomfort or illness and know when to consult a physician

Visitation guidelines

All visitors should enter the hospital lobby and proceed to the first set of elevators on the right. Go to the second floor. Once you exit the elevator there will be staff available to direct you to the appropriate room.

*Please note — our visitation policy has changed to ensure the safety of our patients. You can find more information about virtual visitation in our Coronavirus Resource Hub.