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Summer is upon us! Mix up a smoothie for a tasty way to cool down on a hot day while getting extra servings of fruits and vegetables. They are often naturally sweetened from fruit and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need.

Smoothie Tips

  • Wash, prepare, and freeze fresh fruit in zip lock bags to have ready-to -blend smoothie packets.
  • Incorporate vanilla extract, cinnamon, mint, or nutmeg for extra flavor.
  • Replace ice in a recipe with frozen fruit.
  • Add avocado, Greek yogurt, or cooked oats to help improve texture.

Ingredients and Preparation

# Ingredients Measures
1 Yogurt, plan nonfat 1 cup
2 Medium strawberries 6
3 Pineapple, crushed, canned in juice 1 cup
4 Medium banana 1
5 Vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
6 Ice cubes 4


  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth.
  2. Serve in a frosted glass.

Anne Brock is a licensed dietitian and diabetes educator at West Valley Medical Center. Talk to your doctor today to determine if a referral to a dietitian could help you reach your health and wellness goals.