West Valley Medical Center - January 29, 2015
by Dr. Jessica Fu

While pregnancy is a beautiful thing, women often find themselves groaning instead of glowing and that's okay. Here are some common complaints and tips for dealing with them:


Even if you're only eight weeks pregnant and your baby is the size of a gummy bear, it can be exhausting growing a human being! It's no wonder, considering all of the physical and emotional changes taking place. Despite feeling run down, try to stay active. Walking and yoga are great ways to exercise when you're pregnant. Also try to limit caffeine and simple carbohydrates, as these can lead to energy “crashes.” Lean proteins and complex carbohydrates can help sustain you throughout the day. In addition, strive for quality sleep. This is often not easily achieved when you're eight months pregnant! Avoid stimulating activities and try to pee before you go to bed. It might save you a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Use pillows to get comfortable; for example, try placing one underneath your belly or in between your legs for support. If your fatigue is severe and persistent, talk with your doctor as it may be an indication of anemia or thyroid dysfunction.


Most pregnant women experience this at some point during pregnancy, often in the first trimester. Small, frequent meals throughout the day are recommended. Try to keep a little something in your stomach all the time. Pick up a bag of your favorite hard candy. Ginger is also a natural nausea reliever. If these are ineffective, talk with your provider about over-the-counter and prescription medications that can help, especially if you are losing weight.


This is a very common complaint during pregnancy and it can be extremely uncomfortable. Hormonal changes cause the digestive tract to slow down, and this can lead to heartburn, increased gas (flatulence) and constipation. Try to incorporate more fiber into your diet. “Roughage,” like salads, melons and plums contain fiber and taste good. Be sure to increase your fluid intake; reach for water rather than sugary sodas. And remember, stay active. Exercise can help speed up the digestive tract and keep you regular, but avoid regular use of laxatives as they can lead to dehydration and unwanted contractions.

Feeling overwhelmed

Along with weight gain, a burgeoning belly and swollen feet, women are met with an abundance of emotions. Like a roller coaster or haunted house, pregnancy can be both exhilarating and terrifying. Thinking about the ways a new baby will affect your life relationships, family, career, bank account is stressful. Stress relief is paramount. Stay active. Confide in a friend. Do things you enjoy. Alleviate fears of labor and delivery by visiting the hospital; find out where to go if your water breaks, learn about pain management options, tour a labor room and the nursery and take a prenatal class.

Pregnant women are inundated with advice (often unsolicited) from family, friends and even total strangers. Everyone has a story to tell and so will you. That's because pregnancy, while often uncomfortable, can be an unbelievably beautiful time in your life. Remember to use your own common sense, educate yourself and ask your provider questions. We are happy to talk about anything that is bothering you!

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