Cuisine on Call

Our Cuisine on Call program offers a room-service style of dining for patients, featuring a restaurant-style menu, expanded made-to-order food choices and flexible meal times.

The meets the diverse needs of the patient experience, including expanded food options developed for nutritional and healing requirements. All meals are delivered with compassion and care.

Your physician may have ordered a special diet for you, based on your unique health concerns (a low-sodium diet, for example). Cuisine on Call is informed of your special diet, and will modify your order based on physician’s orders. Learn more about special diets »

Room Service Hours

  • Breakfast: 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.
  • Lunch/Dinner: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Placing Your Order

  1. Review menu and make appropriate selections.
  2. The diet tech will go over your selections with you personally in your room. If you have questions, call 3758.
  3. The diet tech will confirm the current diet prescribed by your physician, take your order and answer any questions. Menu selections will be modified during preparation to fit your nutritional needs.
  4. Your medications may need to be taken before or with your meal. Please notify a nurse by pressing your bedside call button after ordering.

Nutrition That Helps You Heal

Because nutrition plays a vital role in the recovery and healing process, you should enjoy daily meals. Cuisine on Call increases satisfaction of the hospital experience through two guiding principles: choice and quality.

Choice is evident through nutritious menu items and extended serving times.

Quality is based on the entire food experience – from ordering and delivery service, appetizing food and restaurant-style preparation.

You can order what you want (within diet restrictions), when you want it.

Experts at Your Side

Our dietitians are registered with the American Dietetic Association and licensed in the State of Idaho. We provide medical nutrition therapy to patients referred by their physicians or other health care providers. In addition to individual nutrition counseling, diabetes education classes are offered.

Special Circumstances

Food is always available for patients who are not able to eat during regular meal times. Nursing staff will be able to assist patients in arranging special meal times.