Our Commitment To Patient Safety

Patients are our first priority at West Valley Medical Center. We are all committed to your safety and well-being whenever you come to our hospital. Whether you are here for a diagnostic test or a hospital stay, our goal is to make you feel safe and secure at all times. Every member of our healthcare team is committed to the following:

  • Perform our jobs carefully, competently and compassionately
  • Include you as an active member of our healthcare team
  • Ask you to report any concerns about your safety
  • Promptly address your healthcare questions and concerns
  • Provide you with information about your plan of care and explain changes in treatment
  • Ensure timely communications between caregivers and patients

Safety Enhancements And Highlights

  • Bar-coded electronic medication administration, preventing errors by matching patient wristbands to your medicines to confirm right patient, right drug, right dose, right route and right time.
  • SBAR, a tool ensuring safe “shift-to-shift handoff” of patient information between caregivers, and proper transmission of information by phone to avoid miscommunications.
  • Fall prevention: Often, procedures may impact your balance and strength. It's important for you to ask for assistance when getting up for the first time after a procedure. You and your nurse will put together safety guidelines during your stay.
  • HUGs Infant Security System safeguards newborns and hospitalized children. When an infant or young child is admitted to or born at West Valley Medical Center, he or she is fitted with a comfortable, tamper-proof strap and HUGs tag around the ankle. The HUGs systems triggers an alarm if a hospitalized infant wearing a soft tamper-proof strap is moved to an unauthorized zone, the signal isn't detected or the strap is cut.
  • Medication safety is very important for us to have an accurate and complete list of all medications you are on while you're at the hospital. Please bring with you a written list of all medications you are currently taking. Your actual medications are not necessary at the hospital unless directed to you by your physician. When you leave the hospital you should receive a new and accurate list of your medications. If you do not receive a new list, please feel free to ask for one.

Answering Your Questions

During your stay at the hospital there will be many staff members who will enter your room, all with the same goal of keeping you safe and comfortable. They are there to help you, so please don't hesitate to ask them questions about your care. Don't be afraid to ask ...

  • For the ID of everyone who comes into your room
  • If you are told you need certain tests or procedures, ask why you need them, when they will happen, and how long it will be before you get the results.
  • If the person giving you care has washed their hands before they touch you.

We do our best to meet your individual needs while delivering high-quality patient care. If you have any questions or concerns during your stay with us, please call the patient advocate number at (208) 455-3957.