Hemorrhoids can be a real pain in the you know where.

That's because hemorrhoids are swollen veins in your anus or rectum. The US National Library of Medicine (NLM) says that they might cause:

  • Painless, bright red blood from your rectum
  • Anal itching, aching, or pain
  • Pain while pooping
  • Hard, tender lumps near your anus

It's not a pretty sight, but they're pretty common. About 75% of people will have hemorrhoids at some point, according to National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

If you're among that 75%, there's fortunately an easy way to prevent hemorrhoids in the future: Avoid constipation something that can really back up your schedule for the day (pun intended).

Constipation and straining are some of the main causes of hemorrhoids. Here's the scoop on regulating the poop.

Want to Prevent Hemorrhoids? Hint: Take a Look at Your Diet from WestValleyMedicalCenter

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Diet didn't quite do the trick? Don't worry if you have hemorrhoids, they're pretty easy to treat.

According to the NLM, you can use over-the-counter creams and corticosteroids to reduce pain and swelling. If the hemorrhoids are stubborn, your physician can do an in-office treatment to remove them. If they're severe, you can have them surgically removed.

If you want to learn more about hemorrhoids or how to keep yourself regular, make an appointment with one of our primary care providers to learn more.

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